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End of My School Love Story
Thursday, February 19, 2015 | 0 comments
I used to put this at tepi tu haa... but now im taking that down.

        P.M.K... Know what's that? dunno right? It stands for Projek Memikat Kawan.. See? How sakai i am? hahaha... Why im taking down? The story already end... Ya... Mission completed... I got what i want to know, what i want to hear... yippieee~! 

        Let's talk about him a bit... He's not that tall, but his face like mix British a bit.. huahuahua~! He used to stay in UK when he was a kid... So his BM not that nice, but his BI so good giler babeng! Well... He used to be my crush... That's why i know his parents' cars' number plate, where his house, who are his sibling, his friends, n everything... Even his number... I got his number while i was still F1, n still newbie in SMiLE (so gedik siottt)... Never mind, it's all past already... I'm in the process of changing...

        Actually, he knew my feeling, for some reason... Lazy to talk bout that... But because of that he know me... We started to know each other... We chat in WC n WS, kinda often... We get along... But the most weirdest thing is we never talk to each other in school... ahahah... until now...

        Well, I was transferred to TiKL... The day before my 1st day in TiKL, he confessed to me... U know what my feeling that time? I felt like im flying n touch the rainbow... hahaha... I kinda already knew his feeling, coz he showed some sign, but i just ignored all that coz i dont want to be labeled as SS... Sakai je SS sorg2... I still remember the date of his confession... 25/01/15 night... We talked nonsense first, then we went to the real topic... It's so silly that time.. coz it's so embarrassing. Dia malu, aku malu woi~! We started from he asked me first, "how we know each other". After that, I said "if there was a time machine, i will change how we know each other", and then he replied "I will break the time machine first, coz it's my best moment, I dont want it to change".
        Although im happy, but i cant OVER happy... I'm taken already... The reasons he didn't tell me about his feeling earlier are make sense... He dont want us to be awkward with each other one day if something happen like if we couple then broke up... He's so smart... He dont want us to end like me and my ex, my only childhood. We still friends but kinda awkward until now... but never mind, we're going to be ok... Back to the topic... He also gave me some advises. One of them is dont pick nose in front of people. Totally LOL... I never pick my nose in front of anyone!!!!

Some of the conversation... heee... *peace ^^