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I Wanna Be Special To Someone
Sunday, April 13, 2014 | 0 comments
        Today, I want to write a short essay about my feeling. I wanna be special to someone I love. Ehemm... What I mean someone is my friend. Sorry, I am not ready to tell about my love-life because it can't be told yet... Back to the story. Aha.Yeah... Secondary School makes me and my 'geng' separate. Everything is different here.

        I do have friends here, but I need a friend to be mine only. I want someone who can treat me different and special from others. Someone who understands my feeling, someone who I can share my stories or even my secrets, someone I need the most, someone who won't hurt my feeling, someone 'spoting' and someone who can give me her shoulder for me to cry on . 

        I tried to make one, but the person doesn't treat me special. She treat me like how she treat everyone. Before that, I do have a friend who I admired, because she is pretty, tall, intelligent, quite active too. And of cause, she is popular. She was my 'geng' when I was in primary school. Most of my friends are popular. There was a moment when she suddenly made me change my perception of her. She hurt my feeling once, and she doesn't feel guilty at all. Because of that, I feel that there is no reason for me to go to the school and that's why I want to change school next year. Well. That's all what I want to write today. Jaa matane~