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~ Our Night, It's Girls' Night ~
Thursday, March 27, 2014 | 0 comments

Girls' Night - 27/03/14

        We played Pillow Fight + Deadly Lipstick. Huh? What game is that? Actually, the game is planned by myself. 

The Rules:
  • Wear lipstick
  • Use pillow as weapon (you can hit and trow) 
  • Switch off the lamp and the game start
  • Kiss someone
  • Switch on the lamp when someone was kissed
  • The others can draw one face with lipstick
  • Draw as many as you want
  • As long you don't lift the lipstick, because one person can draw once
  • Play the game until you tired / satisfied 
        It was really noisy, our uncles and aunties complained at the next day, but they didn't really mad. Why? Because my lil' cousin is going back her home at Terengganu at the next day. 

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