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Choral Speaking Competition and St. Andrew
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 | 0 comments
       This morning, I woke up at 6.00am earlier than I used to at 6.30am. And bla bla bla... No need for me tell you what I did this morning...

        We, 3Perdana practiced beside our canteen school  for a few times before we board the bus. We still made mistakes when we practicing and that pissed me off. We looked pure like Angels. Why? Because we wore white school uniform, but today is Wednesday, every SMiLE students wore KOKO shirts, except us. The female students including Chinese and Indians students wore baju kurung school uniforms, the male students wore their uniforms without their ties. The other students watched us practicing.  My friends felt embarrassing, but not me, don't know why. Maybe I already used to be people's attentions? Lalala~ Just Kidding. Then, we board the bus.

        We arrived SMK Saint Andrew, Muar at... I don't know what time we arrived. I saw my tuition friend and my ex-classmate there. First, they (MC/whatever) let all participants get on the stage to get used to the stage. After that, our teachers took us to a classroom and let us practice for the last time. Mei Sin said that our conductor is the most beautiful, hahahah she's right. And then, we went back to the hall, sat and waited for our turn, No. 11. 

        I felt very pity for Saint Andrew students, because when Intan and I walking to the hall, I can hear "Oi, jom amek gambar?"I think they never see female student. Well... I understand that their school is all-boys school and that's why they being so jakun

        We waited, waited, waited and waited. When the No. 10 participants going up to the stage, we lined up to get ready. We were so nervous until we feel like we want to pee. Then we were told that, after 10 performance there will be recess time. We were like "Phew, nasib baik." But we didn't go to eat. We used the time to pee and relax our mind. Me and Intan went to the canteen to buy mineral water and something to eat, but we went back to the hall with only mineral water and I was "Uuurgh, kantin kite lagi best!"

        Our teachers asked us to get on the stage to take some pictures in front of all the participants. Okey... Malu...

        The recess time over, and it was our turn...

        We get down the stage and bla bla bla... I met my camping friend, Jiehah. I went for camping when I was 12 y/o. I was shocked she recognized me but I don't. I chat with her for a moment...

Jiehah - Me
        Then, we when to the canteen and ate free Nasi ape tah. I just knew that the canteen has ice cream. Yeah! Ice cream! "Ok... Kantin diorang best..."

        When me and friends walking to the hall, I asked Intan to go with me to see what the koperasi have, because I saw cenderamata terhad but nothing special actually. When I was belek-belek the cenderamata terhad, I heard the Chinese Saint Andrew boys said RM4 RM4 in Chinese but I don't know what they talking about, then I suddenly interfered them, asked them to sell RM3 for the cenderamata terhad in Chinese. They so shocked you know... Hahaha... When I was going back to the hall, one of the boys waved me and said 'bubye'. And then I waved him back... He's handsome you know! Kah kah kah just for fun... And his friends started to 'woooooooo' him... It was very funny. Intan said she jealous of me. Ok... Hahaha... She also said "ada kelebihan tahu Bahasa Cina."

        We waited, waited, waited and waited for the result. And... We didn't win... Convent School got the 1st place. But me and Intan weird. Why Maahad didn't win? Because their performance is the best. But why Saint Andrew got 3rd place? Because their performance not that good, even Maahad's performance is better. You know what I'm trying to say. 

        Convent School students' shouting annoyed other participants. They have to perform one more time but other participants including us started to get up and go back to the bus... Hahaha... Ok... That was so mean. 

        We boarded the bus... Me and Intan randomly waved other students even at the boys... Me and Intan saw a boy waving, then we waved back, the boy's friends looked really jealous. Then, me and Intan saw another boy, we waved at him, and he blushed. So cute. The boy is from Maahad school, I remember because he's handsome. Hahaha. What?! Gedik?! We're not gedik, we gila ok?! FYI it's not like we meet them again, they didn't know who we are... We went back home and tired... Actually I don't care we lost. Why? Because I don't think we will win and what I care was we have to do our best to not humiliating our school... The worst thing is I have sore throat and I almost lost my voice that day.
-The End-