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Choral Speaking Competition and St. Andrew
~ Our Night, It's Girls' Night ~

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Kawad Kaki KRS 2014
Thursday, April 10, 2014 | 2 comments
        8th ~ 10th April, my school, SMiLE was 'Tuan Rumah' of Marching Competition for three days. Day 1 was NGO, day 2 was GO and day 3 was KRS.

        I took part in marching as KRS, although I am Puteri Islam. Before the day of competition, we, KRS practiced very hard until we hurt our legs, our faces became dark and really tired. But it was fun, we didn't know each other, but then we become family. We laughed, we smiled, we argued, we tired. We did all together. 

        KRS and KPP had a fight. Well every year KRS and KPP had a fight. I didn't know about that at first because I went to St. Andrew for Choral Speaking Competition. Some girls from KPP insulting us, and some of us insulting them back. SOME ok?! Not all. We felt really thankful when PKBM backed up us.

        The day arrived, there were 11 participants from other schools including us. I was so nervous because it was my first time in my life took part in marching. I thought of "What if I made mistake?" "What if we lost because of me?"
        Then, it was our turn. When we marching towards the 'litar', the students of SMiLE including KPP cheer for us. We fight but during competition we cheer for each other. That time, I felt no nervous anymore, all I can think was 'I can do it!"

        Here we go...

        We don't like the result, not because of we lost, it because of the judges not being fair. Of cause the judges from other schools. We didn't get any mark, not even 1 mark for our formations, isn't that weird? We tried our best. When we watched these video, we can't believe, our formations looks very smart. When we practicing, it is not this good. Our school didn't win anything. Haha.. That is not funny. Even our Tunas Puteri didn't win. Actually, they are the best among all uniform units in our school. 

        Well, yeah... We went home with dissatisfied feeling including me. But that day I did something I am not gonna regret, because I saluted and smiled to my 'anak'. I don't know how I am being so brave, because I always so shy when I saw  my 'anak', maybe I was wearing a smart uniform. That one little thing already make me happy. Hehehe~